Landesjugendring Brandenburg


Client: Landesjugendring Brandenburg
Year: 2014-2017
Category: Realfilm
Theme: (Deutsch) Jugendpartizipation
Project Manager(s): Jan Künzl

Political participation by young people is a growing concern of policy and youth programs. In collaboration with Landesjugendring Brandenburg (Brandenburg State Youth Circle), we carried out the project “Mitwirkung mit Wirkung”, which centered on developing and establishing the YouTube channel “poliWHAT?!” The project consisted of a series of workshop, the process of planning and producing a video series, and the establishment of the YouTube channel along with its publicity.

The project was shortlisted for the 2015 German Web Video Prize in the category of Newcomer of the Year.

Political Participation

This media project resulted in a series of nine short films. Each film revolves around the question of which parts of German society influence policy and how young people can also get politically engaged. Aside from the simple answer of voting, there are a wide range of avenues such as petitions, citizens’ media, and the youth wings of political parties.

Participation within the Project

Thematic and visual ideas were developed in a series of workshops in conversation with a youthful project group. After watching and evaluating current trends on YouTube, the group decided to combine live footage with animated elements.
The social media presence, the publicity, and community management were likewise shaped and executed in collaboration with the project group.
This is further evidence that the target audience is wisest when comes to designing formats for their own peers. They know the visual and verbal codes better than any agency.

Combination of V-Log and Animations

The films are an innovative blend of vlog and animated sequences: a very dynamic format that remains uncommon. The vlog sections with the young moderator, Leonard Steinbeck, are provocative as they raise topics with day-to-day relevance to the target audience. The graphically sophisticated explainer video sequences delve into the topics on a more educational level. Various styles appear in different films, including papermation, whiteboard animation, 2D flat animation, and an 8-bit style.

poliWHAT?! Gesetze

poliWHAT?! Wahlen

poliWHAT?! Petitionen

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