A Trend for visual Communication

The world is growing ever more complex, and the requirements for preparing, presenting, and communicating information are growing just as quickly. The trend is moving away from text and toward visual communication formats. Moving images such as explainer videos are steadily gaining ground, especially because they are so easy to share on social media.

Audiovisual Media for Complex Topics

As a full-service agency, we provide you with services and guidance every step of the way: from the initial idea to concept development to production, and finally to the strategic dissemination of the finished product. We find the best audiovisual format for conveying your information and content, whether it’s an explainer video, an infographic, a virtual-reality app, or an e-learning course. On request, we can continue to assist your project beyond the production stage with a strategic promotional campaign.

Experts in Political and Scientific Issues

We specialize in complex and difficult topics. We have particular expertise in the social sciences and humanities (political science, sociology, and history), the natural sciences (biology, physics, chemistry, technology, etc.), and their intersections (environmental education, training for sustainable development, scientific and academic communication) as well as medicine and medical technology.