STEM explains the world

Year: 2015
Category: Realfilm
Theme: (Deutsch) Naturwissenschaften
Project Manager(s): Jan Künzl

In an in-house production sponsored in part by the Wallbusch Foundation, we wrote and produced a video promoting the STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). The video aims to spark interest in STEM subjects for a young audience aged 8 to 12.

A Fascinating Journey from the small to the big picture and back

With the help of its young female protagonist, the video demonstrates that the STEM subjects help us understand the fascinating world around us, ranging from strawberry ice cream to the full depths of the universe. The associative journey from micro to macro and back was executed with contagious energy and enthusiasm. We deliberately selected examples with strong relevance to the viewers’ lives.

Combination of Animation and Live Footage

The video combines live footage with high-quality animation, which sometimes overlap, revealing the abundant creative possibilities for such hybrid formats. Live footage makes the video personal and approachable, whereas the animations can visualize and explain abstract or non-visual topics.  This combination is uncommon these days, but we believe it holds vast promise for conveying knowledge in a style that’s vibrant and contemporary.

To appeal to its viewership, the video has been edited with quick, dynamic cuts and a short running time. The custom-composed sound design reinforces that energy.

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