As specialists in digitally communicating knowledge and information, we help you optimize your video strategy. We collaboratively analyze your objectives, target audiences, and past approaches to communications and public relations. Then we propose strategies for how you can present your information even more effectively and reach your desired demographics. This includes identifying the medium, such as an explainer video series, a corporate video, or a campaign. It also includes using the right channels, such as YouTube, Vimeo, microsites, or apps. For example, we can help you identify a long-term strategy for launching and expanding your YouTube channel, developing suitable content, and establishing a target-oriented community maintenance routine.

Attention is the currency of the Internet. That’s why we also offer tailored consulting on how best to disseminate your digital media online. We will develop a dissemination strategy that includes components such as social media marketing, video search-engine optimization, and how to form and harness networks of multipliers. On request, we are happy to implement the communication strategies we design on your behalf.