About us

The Way we Work

The Way we Work

edeos ist eine Agentur für Erklärvideo und Infografik mit Themen aus Politik und Wissenschaft

Would you like to communicate complicated subject matter simply and accessibly? We’ll be at your side from the initial idea until the publication of your new media product.

Introductory consultation:
In a get-to-know-you meeting at the start of the project, we have an intensive discussion with all project stakeholders. We also can optionally organize the project introduction as a workshop. We work with you to define and rank the project’s precise goals and audiences and agree on a project plan. We also get a sense of the customer’s institutional structures and internal processes. In general, this intensive introduction helps us build a solid foundation for a smooth-running project.

Content: Our subject-matter specialty is presenting complex topics from the political and natural sciences. Collaborating with the customer’s experts, we write an audience-appropriate voiceover that is recorded by a professional voice actor. You can select from a large pool of different voices.

Languages: On request, we produce various language versions of videos. So far we have had productions in English, German, French, Swiss German, and Arabic.

Accessibility: We are able to produce media in simple language and integrate subtitles or sign language.

Visual design: Our experts in motion design, communication design, graphic design, interaction design, illustration, and animation translate your topic into visuals.

Sound design: We are highly conscious of the value of well-matched sound design. By request, we can compose the background music especially for the video to underscore the desired atmosphere. Apt sound effects complement the sound design.

Dissemination: If desired, we can also develop a dissemination strategy and ensure that your film finds its audience.

Our Vision

Our Vision

We are passionate about education and information transfer. And we have clear ideas about the prerequisites for high-quality educational and informational products.

Our media productions portray diversity without reproducing clichés. They keep gender issues in mind. They are as accessible as possible, founded in education principles, methodologically broad-based, and audience-centric. They are innovative and push the envelope of digitization. And, last but not least, they are fun!


Open Educational Resources

Open Educational Resources

Open Educational Resources (OER) are learning and teaching materials that can be used, changed and distributed free of charge. They play an increasingly important role in educational policy and we believe that OER are a promising concept to make education a bit more efficient, more dynamic and more equitable.

Accordingly, we license our own projects with Creative Commons licenses (BY-SA) and make our customers more attentive in our consulting practice on the benefits of OER.