WissensWerte Animated Videos

Since 2010, the German non-profit / e.V. conducts the project WissensWerte. Within the project, a series of animated explanatory videos is created, explaining political issues in a concise and exciting way. The topics cover a wide range of the political spectrum, i.e. globalization, renewable energies or sustainability. The clips are licensed as Creative Commons and distributed through targeted online dissemination campaigns. The WissensWerte project has become one of the most famous projects of audiovisual communication of political issues in Germany. The success of the project WissensWerte has led to the spin-off of edeos- digital education. Videos of the series were nominated or awarded within various awards, i.e. Walter Scheel Award, the German citizen price, RecaFair and OPERA Award. The videos of WissensWerte have been funded by numerous institutions, such as Engagement Global, UNICEF, Aktion Selbstbesteuerung, Bundesstiftung Aufarbeitung, the German Foreign Office and many more.